A better Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment

The Upper Harbor Terminal is a 48-acre site on the Mississippi River in North Minneapolis. This city-owned land is being planned for redevelopment. 

Minneapolis should seize this opportunity to:

  • Build wealth and ownership for Northsiders, not a wealthy private developer.
  • Support families. And create more than part-time, minimum-wage, seasonal jobs.
  • Choose to be a new national model. There's no need to rely on an old and unjust, inequitable playbook.

The city's current plan is led by a private developer. Their proposal includes a concert venue operated by First Avenue, a mix of housing types and affordability levels, a community “hub," and other development. Park space is also included.

But what would it mean to put the community's ideas and goals first? What would a truly equitable, transformative riverfront development look like?

Many North Minneapolis residents have told us that their voices are not being fully heard by decisionmakers. They're concerned about racial and economic equity, gentrification and displacement, and who stands to benefit most from the project. Hear from some of them on the Community Voices page.


Friends of the Mississippi River created this website with support from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Center for Prevention. 

Aerial view of Minneapolis riverfront demarking Upper Harbor Terminal
The City of Minneapolis is redeveloping its former port, UHT, the area in the bright pink dashed lines. ...But for whose benefit? (Map from the CIty of Minneapolis)

Demand a 
Better UHT