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Community Voices

Many North Minneapolis residents, church leaders and organizations have long been calling for a more equitable and just approach to the large-scale and potentially transformative Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment.

Read and listen to their calls for a Better UHT.


“The history of land ownership and development is rooted in the fundamental realities of systemic racism that continues to this day... The proposed Upper Harbor development in North Minneapolis continues to perpetuate this injustice."

- North Minneapolis faith leaders 

“It's important that we ensure that redevelopment will provide equitable benefits to community members rather than allowing private interests to take the lead and reap the majority of the benefits on publicly-owned property."

- Jordan Area Community Council

“The opportunity that UHT presents for the community is so much greater than what is currently being proposed. We can develop a project that creates community wealth in North Minneapolis but we can't do it with the current strategy and process in place."

- North Minneapolis resident

“The Upper Harbor Terminal project has the potential to set a precedent for an equitable and community-centered process and plan. We need to re-start the project from those places, as well as the places of community wealth-building and addressing racial discrepancies.

Until then, I'm against using public dollars to subsidize the building of wealth for rich, white corporations."

- North Minneapolis resident

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Better UHT