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The traveling murals

Local artists are creating traveling murals calling for a Better UHT. If you live in North Minneapolis and would like to receive a free lawn/window sign, contact us.

Video by Ryan Stopera, music by Isaac Specktor

Two hands uproot a house over the river in Minneapolis
Upper Harbor Terminal Painted Mural 2
Upper Harbor Lawn Sign
Marching Northsiders meet a dark figure on the other side of the river
Upper Harbor Terminal Painted Mural 1
Upper Harbor Terminal Painted Mural 3

About the Artists


SARC is a North Minneapolis-based artist and community leader. He has been organizing in the northwest suburbs in different capacities for the past 4 years. Most of his work has focused on the intersection of housing and immigration in the metro area and the northwest suburbs. His art specializes in narrative realism, taking personal and community struggles and transforming them into impactful social messages.

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Ricardo Perez

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SARC headshot

Demand a 
Better UHT